Naps are needed

I find that I am increasingly tired ALL the time! And it’s not cool. It leads to general grouchiness and usually headaches. The reason for my copious fatigue?  It’s obvious, really. Lack of sleep, for a variety of reasons.

Reason A: My boyfriend is a snorer

Pretty much every night, he’s snoring up a storm. We tried those breathe right strips, but they just made it sound like I was sleeping next to Darth Vader. Not cool. So I usually use ear plugs. Most of the time, they’re fine. Sometimes they do fall out, and occasionally his horrendous snores penetrate event the plugs. The biggest issue here is if I wear every single night of the week, my ears start to hurt. Ouch. So, now I’m stuck with sore ears and not a lot of sleep. Sometimes, I find myself getting so mad at him – my boyfriend, that is – when his stupid snoring wakes me up. I’ve actually woken up and told him to “shut the fuck up” before. Not cool Allie. I mean, it’s not his fault, right?

Reason B: School

Sure, school is generally what I blame everything on at the moment. But, more and more often, I find myself laying in bed (listening to my boyfriends snores) and worrying about stupid school stuff. Mainly, it being over soon and the prospect for finding a job (or rather not finding one). So, I worry worry worry and don’t sleep. Lame indeed!




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