Naps are needed

I find that I am increasingly tired ALL the time! And it’s not cool. It leads to general grouchiness and usually headaches. The reason for my copious fatigue?  It’s obvious, really. Lack of sleep, for a variety of reasons.

Reason A: My boyfriend is a snorer

Pretty much every night, he’s snoring up a storm. We tried those breathe right strips, but they just made it sound like I was sleeping next to Darth Vader. Not cool. So I usually use ear plugs. Most of the time, they’re fine. Sometimes they do fall out, and occasionally his horrendous snores penetrate event the plugs. The biggest issue here is if I wear every single night of the week, my ears start to hurt. Ouch. So, now I’m stuck with sore ears and not a lot of sleep. Sometimes, I find myself getting so mad at him – my boyfriend, that is – when his stupid snoring wakes me up. I’ve actually woken up and told him to “shut the fuck up” before. Not cool Allie. I mean, it’s not his fault, right?

Reason B: School

Sure, school is generally what I blame everything on at the moment. But, more and more often, I find myself laying in bed (listening to my boyfriends snores) and worrying about stupid school stuff. Mainly, it being over soon and the prospect for finding a job (or rather not finding one). So, I worry worry worry and don’t sleep. Lame indeed!




Favourite Websites

According to my “most viewed” pages on Google Chrome, my favourite websites are Facebook and Hotmail, closely followed by Netflix and Dropbox. Not very exciting. These, however, are not my favourite website. The websites I most enjoy are here:

Kindle Bookstore

Yes, I know. I’m pretty lame. I love browsing through book stores, so looking for books online is no different. And e-books are SO MUCH CHEAPER then hard copy books. So great. I love my Kindle!


Shoedazzle is a subscription shopping site. Once you sign up, each month a showroom of shoes, purses and jewellery is chosen for you (based on survey selections). Each item is only $39.99 and there is a flat shipping fee of $9.00. I can feed my shopping habit for a much lower cost then in store! Awesome!